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Welcome to the Mariner Project "Training package for HNS Spills at sea" E-Learning page. The material was organized by CIIMAR and Action Modulers.

The material is separated in the following sections:


General concepts about HNS (e.g. what is HNS, behaviour classes, etc.).

Environmental Impacts

Ecology and Publich Health (e.g. most affected species and toxicological effects).

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring (e.g. Monitoring Protocols).

Advanced Tools for Preparedness & Response

In the next sections are presented several multidisciplinary approaches to hns spill preparedness and response.

Situational Awareness And Common Operating Picture

The Mariner Platform is a web GIS that integrate multiple information layers and efficiently manage the response to an eventual spill. It provides operational meteorological, hydrodynamics and waves modelling and online on-demand hns ecotoxicology spill.

Integration of Online Databases in Preparedness & Response

Previous HNS Incidents and HNS Products

Modelling Fate & Behaviour of HNS Spills

Modelling Fate with MOHID and Modelling Population with Aquatox

Coastal Vulnerability Mapping

Vulnerability Mapping (e.g. risk management prioritization) and methodology.